E-discovery and ECM leader offers Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) for network-attached storage (NAS) devices

PRESS RELEASE: ATLANTA – May 25, 2010 – eMag Solutions, LLC, a global provider of enterprise content management (ECM) and electronic discovery solutions, announces its enhanced Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) capabilities for law firms and corporations. NDMP is a method of backing up stand-alone NAS (network-attached storage) devices that otherwise would not allow for the installation of a backup agent because of their closed architecture. NDMP is not a backup format but a way for the network appliance to communicate with the backup server and deliver the data to the tape/disk storage. This type of restoration is common for large corporations and technical companies that host terabytes of data on an NAS storage device.

A standard method of restoring an NDMP backup requires the presence of the original or similar NAS device, an appropriate version of the backup software and the corresponding NDMP agent. It is the only reliable way to restore the data to the state as it existed on the original appliance. This typically involves considerable expense on the corporation’s part to acquire the necessary hardware and backup software, including the NDMP agents. eMag’s approach to NDMP deals directly with the backup stream created by those NAS devices (for example, NDMP from NetApp and EMC), thus eliminating much of these costs. The nuances of working with each type are thoroughly discussed and coordinated with the client and comprehensive planning is custom tailored to their needs. eMag Solutions is constantly developing its current procedures to bring the most efficient and cost-effective NDMP services to the company’s valued clients.

About eMag Solutions
eMag Solutions, LLC is an international Patriarch Partners company headquartered in Atlanta, GA with additional data service centers in New York City and the United Kingdom. eMag Solutions, LLC offers a wide spectrum of professional data services that enables its worldwide client base rapid access to data that has become hidden, forgotten, unreachable, unknown or corrupted. eMag achieves this through use of its unparalleled knowledge of backup systems and data structures built during more than 40 years in the data storage industry. eMag Solutions is proud to be the first and ONLY e-Discovery provider in the US to achieve ISO27001 certification around information management and security for its data processing facilities. For more information, visit www.emagsolutions.com or call 800-364-9838 or +44 (0)2920 739940 outside of the United States.

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