The steps to successfully migrate legacy data to a new platform are discussed in this article.  In this specific case, the example involves migrating legacy data to a new CRM platform, Salesforce.

A key consideration often overlooked and underestimated, is how much legacy data should be migrated to the new platform.

Best-in-class companies do not migrate all of their data.  It is a best practice to review and assess current and legacy data and only migrate “clean” relevant data to the new platform.  Failure to migrate relevant legacy data causes operational inefficiencies when the new platform goes live.  The challenge with legacy data is that because it is typically on tape, it is difficult to access and thus many companies fail to review and determine how much of it to migrate.

eMag Solutions can assist.  We make it easy for companies to view and access their legacy data stored on tape.  eMag’s purpose-built solution enables us to quickly and easily determine the details of the data contained on legacy tapes enabling our clients to determine the relevant information that should be migrated to the new platform.  Once it has been determined what tape data to migrate, eMag Solution restores the requisite data and makes it accessible for migration.

eMag Solutions has been the premier data tape services provider for over 50 years.  The benefit of our 50-year legacy is that our platform is designed to manage over 3000 combinations of backup software, media and hardware. There is no data type or format that we cannot manage.

eMag can also help mitigate, remediate, or eradiate any data that’s on your backup tapes that you do not wish to move forward into your new platform.

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