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Restore tapes and gain access to your data.

Where you have data stored on tape, eMag can quickly and cost effectively restore that data and liberate it from the backup system that created it.

As pioneers of restoring tapes without using the original hardware or software, we can provide you with your data in a usable form without the complexities involved in recreating physical or virtual environments.

All tape systems, backup formats, data types and voice loggers are fully supported.

Quickly, cost effectively, anywhere in the world.


eMail, Data & Voice

Process your eMail, data or voice calls.

Once liberated from the tape, the eMail, data or voice calls you need can be selected and produced to support your requirements.

This allows you to provide the information you need without having to process or wade through thousands of irrelevant documents or calls, increasing the speed and reducing the cost of these exercises.

Quickly, cost effectively, anywhere in the world.

Global Services

Process your data anywhere in the world.

As well as our  facility in Cardiff, US centres in Atlanta and New York, your eMail, data and voice tapes can be processed anywhere in the world. Utilising rapid-deploy on-site restore systems, eMag can be on-site within 24 hours of request.

Scalable and without the need to connect to your systems or to land data to ours, work can be done without impact on data security or data privacy regulations.

Quickly, cost effectively, anywhere in the world.

Retire Legacy

Remove the cost of legacy systems.

Where you retain retired or legacy sytems just to access data stored on tape, eMag can remove the fixed costs associated with maintaining servers, libraries, software licences and skills and replace them with a solution that incurs cost only when retores are required.

eMag remove the burden of legacy.

Quickly, cost effectively, anywhere in the world.

No original hardware or software is needed to access your eMail, data or voice

What Our Customers are Saying

If anyone ever asks about your company eMag Solutions or your technicians, please be assured that they will receive my highest recommendation.


U.S. Government Agency

I have worked with eMag Solutions on a complex litigation matter that lasted over 8 months. The project took several turns due to the complexity of the data and short deadlines. eMag Solutions provided 24/7 service and always kept me updated. I couldn’t image working on another project of this caliber without them.


AMLAW 100 Law Firm

Everyone at eMag Solutions are true heroes in my book. They were literally able to do what no one else could do, recovered our data and kept us well informed throughout the whole process. They were very professional and treated our recovery project with the utmost care and urgency.


eMag Customer

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