Global Services

All services are available anywhere in the world


With ISO 27001 certified secure, purpose designed tape production facilities in the UK, Atlanta and New York, eMag can process any quantity of any type of tape to produce the information you need.

Where you have data that cannot leave your site, or you need work done in a country where moving data is difficult, eMag has a proven and scalable solution that means any tapes of any type can be processed quickly and cost effectively anywhere in the world.

Already delivered in 30 countries this solution has been designed to need no connection to any of your equipment and avoids landing data to any equipment that leaves site which means you do not have to worry about data security or data privacy issues.

This global flexibility means that you can be sure of consistent high-quality service in your multi-jurisdiction projects.

With expertise gained from working in 30 countries across 6 continents, no other tape service provider has greater on-site experience. With a detailed knowledge of customs and transport logistics, eMag can ensure your project is managed and supported throughout its duration.


90% Success Rate on Data Recovery Projects

  • Any tape, any type, any backup or logger format
  • At our secure ISO Certified UK offices
  • On-site anywhere in the world
  • eMail, data or voice
  • Rapid, cost effective & secure



  • eDiscovery
  • Regulatory Enquiry
  • Moving data to other tapes
  • Changing backup systems
  • Moving data to the cloud