The idea of migrating to-the-cloud, though trendy, is more difficult than companies think and often under estimated.

Here is why.  Cloud migration projects get complicated when backup data, or legacy media, is involved. This is especially true for data that has never been de-duplicated into a unique data set; which is typically the case for older backup data that is more than a few years old.

The prerequisite to migrate legacy data to the cloud is that it must first be put into a useful and consumable format by de-duplicating it in its native-file format. This step produces a unique non-redundant useful data set that is ready for import to the cloud.  While migrating business data to a cloud solution can be as simple as copying and pasting, preparing your legacy data so that it can be easily imported to the cloud must not be confused with, or even compared to, a simple copy and paste procedure.

This step is difficult to achieve and very few cloud data management providers possess the technical wherewithal to successfully perform it.  Failure to properly prepare the data for migration into the cloud is the primary cause of cloud migration project delays and cost overruns.

This is where eMag Solution’s 50+ years of domain knowledge in cataloging, restoring, and analyzing legacy data makes the difference between a successful cloud migration project and a failed one. Our team of experts makes it easy for our clients to move their data into the cloud.  We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and will tailor our solution and engagement to meet your specific data migration needs.  

Our proprietary, ‘purpose built’ solution currently supports over 3000 combinations of backup software, media and hardware..  Our best-in-class capabilities is why more Fortune 50 companies trust their legacy data needs to eMag than any other services provider.

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