eMag Solutions – Tape Services

Tape content identification. Want to know what is on your tapes so that you can make intelligent decisions about what to do with them? eMag Solutions can help!   We provide the following tape information services:

  • Header Scan – Reveals the tape identifier, date of backup, software version used, sequence if tapes appear in a set.
  • Server Scan – Analyze the content of the tape and identifies email, file and network servers detailing each session and session ID.
  • Catalog Scan – Identifies each of the individual files contained on the tape providing a detailed inventory of the contents.

Data Restoration.  Want to restore all or selected information you have stored on tape?  eMag Solutions can help!  eMag can restore information from any tape type or format.  We offer the following restoration services:

  • Data Restoration – Data is restored to a native format. eMag can restore any tape of any format without using any of the original software or hardware. The data is provided in a usable and readily ‘consumable’ format.
  • Voice call restoration – We specialize in accessing voice calls stored on tape and making them available in a usable .wav file format. eMag can process voice tapes without using any of the original logger or voice recording equipment and provides a full, searchable index, in an easy to use format or even as email.
  • Post-Restoration Data Culling –  Once restored, the data can be processed to extract email, voice calls or files pertaining to named individuals or groups of individuals. These services include;

·       Email Extraction

·       File Extraction

·       Voice Call Extraction

·       Data Culling

·       De-Duplication

·       Keyword Searching

eMag Solutions – Fully Flexible Engagement

Engagement Flexibility. eMag Solutions offers more options to assist projects than any other tape services provider. eMag’s flexible solution allows partners to decide how to execute each engagement. Our offers include:

  • White Glove:Work completed at eMag data center suites in US or UK.
  • White Glove on site: Work completed on-site anywhere in the world, all equipment and engineers provided by eMag.
  • Supported Appliance: eMag provides the restore solution – with all hardware and software. Partner or Customer personnel performs restore with full eMag support via remote access.
  • Appliance Restore: eMag provides all hardware and software for Partner or Customer personnel to perform the restores – with full eMag telephony support.
  • License: eMag provides Customer or Partner a license for eMag’s award-winning MM/PC – allowing Customer or Partner to complete work independently with its own eMag-specified hardware and software.

eMag will tailor the solution to the unique needs of each project.  We have a well-earned reputation of doing what it takes to get the job done every time.

eMag Solutions – Global Deployment

Mobile Platform. eMag’s unique mobile platform enables us to provide complete on-site tape restoration services to address the wide range of data privacy regulations faced by global clients, as well as the security and risk concerns of moving media off premise  Our unique and complete mobile solution combined with our best-in-class facilities means that we can provide data tape services quickly and cost effectively anywhere in the world.

On-Site data restoration

  • eMag is the only vendor with complete mobile on-site restoration solutions for all tape types and formats
  • Scalable solution means any tape of any type processed quickly and cost effectively anywhere in the world
  • Experience delivering services on 6 continents and in over 30 countries
  • eMag provides all software, hardware and resource to complete the project
  • Systems specifically designed for global work no connection is needed to host any system and no data leaves site

Data Center restoration

  • eMag Solutions Ltd holds ISO27001 certification for Tape Restoration, eDiscovery & Forensic Sciences
  • Highly scalable, fully featured Cardiff and Atlanta Processing Centers