Enterprises running legacy environments face numerous challenges managing their legacy data stored on tape, according to a recent survey of IT leaders by IDG Research. To address these challenges, many organizations are working to move their legacy data into the cloud but are running into hurdles trying to do so.

For instance:

• It can take several days to locate and restore specific data from tape,

• Staff resources may lack expertise to locate, restore, & prepare data for cloud migration,

• Companies may not know what they have, and how to parse and identify the data to retain and move to the cloud versus the data to remediate and/or eradicate.

These challenges are growing as the increasing capacity of LTO tapes means that companies are relying more heavily on tape to retain critical information. Organizations should have a comprehensive plan to manage legacy data internally, in the cloud, and in archives.

eMag Solutions can help and here’s how:

• We have the expertise to identify information across multiple tapes [from metadata to file content levels],

• We have the capability to classify information, based on company policy, into restore, retain, remediate and remove bins – providing a road-map that gives you clarity on what to do with its data,

• Our expert staff can assist you with restoration, extraction and migration of retained data from dated tape formats into formats easily ingested both into current cloud-based platforms and into current archival platforms.

eMag Solutions is the leader in legacy tape data services including management of catalog information, restoration of data into native file formats, and migration of data into new technology such as the cloud or new backup environments. We are expert at helping our clients reduce the footprint of legacy tape data. By restoring and migrating old tape formats to newer high-capacity tape formats, you mitigate the risk of degradation of old tapes as well as make use of new higher capacity tapes with longer shelf life for retention.

Contact eMag Solutions today to discuss your current legacy tape data services needs. eMag can be your advocate and consultant for managing current legacy tape data, as well as assist with your data migration and management plans.

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