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eMag is the provider of global tape and data services.

With a heritage stretching back over 55 years, eMag are regarded as the Grandfathers of the industry. 55 years ago eMag was involved in the design and manufacture of the actual media, initially the screw-in disk packs and then tape and cartridges, providing much of the media used around the world in audio, instrumentation and data backup.

Working with the large backup software vendors to understand how data was written to tape and alongside corporations to see how they stored and used data gave eMag an insight into all aspects of tape-based data from the manufacture of the product through to the way an organisation stored and restored information.

Late in the 20th century, as the global manufacturing base moved to the Far East, eMag used this unique insight to develop a suite of services designed to support tape and data stored upon it.

Key to this development was the purchase and integration of intermedia, a company specialising in the restoration of data from media without using the original backup software. Their product, MM/PC became the core engine used to support all services providing the ability to access, catalogue and restore tapes of any type and any format.

Today eMag provides tape services globally, from ISO Certified UK centre, two US centres and globally on-site anywhere in the world.

With support for any tape type of any format, eMail, data or voice on or off site anywhere in the world, eMag are the company to trust with your data.



Liberate Data, Data Restoration, Data Migration, Backup Tapes, Voice Logger Retrieval, Non Native Restoration, eMail Processing, File Extraction, Voice Call Extraction, Data Recovery, Data Conversion, Big Data, Global Services, Onsite Services, Information Management, Litigation Support, Data Management, eDiscovery, and Information Governance.

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