Proper corporate governance requires robust and resilient data back-up and recovery to ensure business continuity.  Magnetic tape technology continues to be the backbone to what is considered a best-in-class back-up and recovery solution despite the fact that many companies are moving some of their data to the cloud.  Here is why.

One of the key advantages of tape technology is its long-term durability.  The shelf-life of data stored on tape is certified by tape manufacturers for up to 30-years; no other data storage technology comes close to this storage life.  It is also the lowest cost solution, is inherently intrusion proof, and is compliant with evolving, and increasingly stringent, privacy regulations.    

Hard disk drives, for example, a very common alternative storage technology to tape, are more expensive and notorious for corruption and failure over time and thus more costly and higher risk.  Companies who rely on cloud disk recovery solutions often pay more when a disk fails due to the complexity of the recovery process.  It is for these reasons that magnetic tape technology is the long-term storage solution of choice for the vast volumes of business and internet data.

At eMag, we believe there is a viable and expanding market in tape data services. Evidence to support this view includes:

  • Google is one of the largest purchasers of tape backup media in the world
    • Data is growing exponentially year over year. 90% of all data created has been created in the last 2 years
    • 70% of the World’s data is on tape, growing at 13% per year
    • Latest LTO technology provides more capacity and faster I/O at lower costs. Plans for LTO9 and LTO10 in progress
    • Higher levels of security in target markets, introduction of GDPR & other regulations, have forced corporations to need on site services

At eMag Solutions we have a 50+ year legacy of helping clients manage their tape data.  We started out as a manufacturer of LTO media and have grown over time to be the leading provider of tape services.  More Fortune 50 companies rely on eMag Solutions for their data tape service needs than any other provider.  We pride ourselves on making it easy for our clients to access and use their data on tape.

  1. We offer a one stop solution for all of your data tape needs. 
  2. We have the capability to read any tape format or data type and do not need the original hardware or software to read your tape data; we just need the tapes.
  3. We can process your tape data at our secure onsite data centers located in the UK and USA, or, we can come to you and recover your data on site using our unique full-service mobile solution.
  4. eMag’s scanning tools enable us to scan your tapes and advise what data is available on your tapes without having to extract the data.
  5. We offer the best value tape recovery solution; there are no hardware or license costs to our customers with our in-house solutions.

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