Atlanta, GA – July 30, 2009 – eMag Solutions, LLC, an international provider of enterprise content management (ECM) and electronic discovery solutions, announced today the introduction of its newest program to help clients reduce costs and risk while promoting organizational effectiveness. eMag’s data migration and reclamation service helps corporations proactively manage large stores of data. The new program utilizes the eMag PreVu hosted data portal and leverages the company’s expertise around accessing and processing legacy and archive media, particularly backup tapes, along with industry-leading culling technology.

Through both regular business operations and as a result of acquisitions, even companies adhering to strict retention policies find themselves amassing significant amounts of corporate data, much in the form of backup tapes. Due to the portability of tape and its use as a form of corporate archive to achieve compliance with regulatory or corporate governance requirements, organizations working with backup tapes face massive amounts of information scattered across multiple locations, data centers, and third-party warehousing facilities.

Few organizations possess the expertise to effectively organize these mountains of archived information to ensure knowledge of what is there let alone what needs to be kept. Most of the products in the current marketplace are designed to address newer data, leaving older data that is stored off-site or in legacy media outside of archiving solutions, so in addition to the immediate financial costs of storage, companies also face the long-term risk of unnecessarily holding what may potentially be discoverable data in future litigation, regulatory or compliance matters.

eMag Solutions now offers a methodical program to address this increasingly critical business issue. Through a combination of expert consulting, data sampling and culling, and core services including data restoration, conversion, recovery and migration, eMag develops proactive and purposeful measures to help corporations better manage their data. Using a range of services including media cataloging, selective tape restoration, and data de-duplication, eMag is able to reduce overwhelming amounts of data and load it into its eMag PreVu online data repository, creating a single platform for organizing and managing archive data. The ability to quickly process large volumes of legacy data makes the eMag PreVu data portal a valuable tool for corporate counsel and compliance officers to manage data intelligently and efficiently.

eMag’s program for data migration and reclamation has been designed to integrate with key e-mail archiving products including Symantec’s Enterprise Vault, IBM’s Content Collector, and EMC’s Source One, as well as solutions from AXS-One, Google, Quest, Mimosa, and other industry leaders, allowing organizations to incorporate relevant information into existing archives and discard information that is either irrelevant or outside of retention periods. The key benefit to this consolidation is the organizational intelligence companies gain around their data, reducing both short-term costs and long-term risk associated with maintaining too much and/or unorganized data. Organizations are able to develop an easily searchable database that allows uniform enforcement of disposition policies and provides for rapid response to litigation, internal investigation, as well as regulatory requests.

With more than 25 years of experience in accessing and addressing legacy and archive media, along with ISO 27001 certified operations centers in the U.S. and the UK in addition to mobile, on-site services, eMag Solutions is uniquely positioned to process even large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. As a charter member of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model and Sedona Conference, eMag has developed data management solutions that are designed to correspond with the latest Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and relevant regulatory and compliance standards facing its corporate and law firm clients worldwide, providing rapid response and accurate results for a range of litigation, regulatory, compliance, and corporate governance matters.