Cardiff, Wales – June 18, 2009 – Companies doing business around the world are subject to a wide array of data protection and privacy laws based on each individual location. The different laws governing day-to-day operations are generally manageable; however, when litigation, regulatory or compliance matters arise that require data collection from multiple countries those rules may impose significant challenges affecting the companies’ discovery efforts. Many countries enforce privacy laws that require all data or certain types of data not be exported from that country for any reason. In particular, the European Union’s Directive on Data Protection and Privacy imposes strict standards on how personal data should be handled and limits the transfer of this information to third parties outside of the member nations of the European Union. The EU Data Protection Directive states that personal data can only be transferred to third countries that provide “adequate protection,” thus creating problems for American multinational firms operating in transatlantic markets. Often, companies based in Europe and Asia have specific concerns about sending data to the United States due to the limited protections afforded to personal data in the US. Additionally, Tax Havens also impose limitations on the movement of data outside of the borders of certain limited geographic areas.

To assist corporations and law firms around the world who must comply with these diverse regulations, eMag Solutions, LLC, an international provider of enterprise content management (ECM) and electronic discovery solutions, offers unmatched international on-site collection capabilities. In addition to having the flexibility to be almost anywhere at anytime, eMag is able to process massive amounts of data without that data ever leaving a client’s facility. eMag Solutions offers a dedicated, full-service facility based in the UK, providing eMag staff with easy access to major European, Asian, and African client locations.

In the past year, eMag has performed data collection and processing in 19 different countries around the globe. More than eight petabytes of data have been processed at on-site locations, including restoration and processing of more than 250,000 backup tapes. eMag’s on-site processing services have included forensic collections, tape cataloging, tape restoration, e-mail extraction, date and keyword filtering, de-duplication, near duplicate identification, creating TIFF images, and load file creation.

As part of a large global investigation, for example, eMag performed tape restoration, e-mail extraction and de-duplication work on-site in several locations in the Far East including Tokyo, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul. In this case, the e-mail extraction was for a five-year period and covered a variety of languages and dialects. All restoration and processing equipment along with the software, people and procedures were provided by eMag Solutions, with no connection to internal systems or networks (only space and power were provided locally).

eMag has completed multiple projects in nine different European countries ranging from duplication of simple backup media up through restoration of legacy tapes where the original infrastructure was no longer in place and the client had previously been unable to gain access. In addition to work in various Asian and European countries in conjunction with local data privacy laws, eMag has also performed work in several Tax Havens including Jersey, Guernsey, and Switzerland.

In addition to international data privacy considerations, eMag delivered on-site processing services in 22 U.S. states in the past year, regularly traveling to client sites to perform work to ensure data never left the client’s facility. eMag has even developed temporary processing centers within client facilities to handle large, multi-petabyte jobs. Domestic and multinational corporations and law firms alike are routinely depending on eMag Solutions to deliver the on-site data collection services they need performed in various locations around the world. For more information, contact Brett Tarr at or by phone at 678-608-1613.