Cardiff, Wales – March 24, 2009 – eMag Solutions, Ltd, an international provider of electronic discovery services and data management solutions, and Daticon EED, a global, full-service provider of integrated eDiscovery services and technology, announced today a strategic partnership to benefit large companies and law firms in the U.K. and Europe that want to reduce the cost and risk of eDiscovery, and U.S. clients that need to conduct review in Europe for large, complex, international eDiscovery cases.

eMag is noted for its expertise in evidence collection and restoration, particularly from large tape populations that require deep restoration skills. Daticon EED provides an integrated processing, analytics, review and production platform already widely used by the Fortune 100 for complex litigation cases. Together, eMag and Daticon EED now provide clients an end-to-end solution under one roof within eMag’s ISO 27001-certified U.K. facility. The strategic partnership will utilise this secure location to combine eMag’s electronic discovery and data management services with Daticon EED’s Discovery PartnerĀ® hosted, integrated, native eDiscovery platform.

The collaboration between eMag and Daticon EED leverages its best-in-class facilities and experienced in-country experts to provide comprehensive resources for international projects. Clients now can feel confident their data is being both processed and hosted in accordance with all local data privacy laws, as it will remain within eMag’s ISO 27001-certified facility from start to finish.

“Through this partnership, European law firms and corporations have access to eMag’s expansive EU-based skills and capabilities in electronic discovery processing along with the company’s 40-plus years of expertise with archive and legacy media, now augmented by Daticon EED’s 20-plus years of electronic discovery experience and their industry-leading hosting and review platform,” said eMag Solutions Ltd European Managing Director, Mike Davies. “Having all of these services in one secure data center ensures no chain of custody will be broken, which is a significant benefit to our companies’ clients.”

“Daticon EED is pleased to be working with eMag Solutions, among the most respected and innovative international providers of data management solutions to law firms and corporations,” said Dave McCann, president and Chief Executive Officer of Daticon EED. “Our combined expertise and technology solutions will provide tremendous benefits for U.S. clients involved in large, international eDiscovery cases that need to perform review in the EU and for European clients that want to reduce the cost and risk of eDiscovery.”

In July 2008, eMag’s Cardiff Operations Center received certification to ISO 27001 standards for tape restoration, eDiscovery and forensic sciences. ISO 27001 represents the only auditable international standard to define the requirements for Information Security Management Systems.

ISO 27001 certification is achieved only by companies that can demonstrate the highest competency in information security management. ISO 27001 is a management system that identifies, manages and minimises a range of threats to business information. It provides guidelines for implementing a constructive risk management process, setting up policies, and ensuring a secure infrastructure is in place. This standard shows that a business has taken preventative measures to protect clients’ data, and demonstrates to customers and prospects that the business is observing a duty of care.

Daticon EED’s Discovery Partner leads the industry as a hosted, eDiscovery platform with integrated processing, analytics, review and production capabilities. Discovery Partner has reduced the cost and risk of eDiscovery for clients in more than 1,300 cases. An integrated platform is much more cost efficient than moving evidence between incompatible applications or different vendors, and reduces the risk of breaking the chain of custody, or spoliation of the original evidence.

Discovery Partner now offers enhanced foreign language capabilities, including accurate handling of documents created in both Unicode and non-Unicode character sets. Discovery Partner features automated language and document encoding detection that enables review managers to generate reports about the number of documents by language and organise documents by language for review, so they can plan reviewer staffing and task assignments more efficiently. Daticon EED has been granted certification to the Safe Harbor framework developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Commission governing the handling of European Union personal data.