ATLANTA – March 5, 2009 – eMag Solutions, LLC, an international provider of electronic discovery services and data management solutions, announced today the development of a technological breakthrough in accessing and restoring discoverable data directly from “virtual tape” created from a mainframe environment. The result of this achievement will be the substantial savings of time and money for organizations needing to restore archive tapes in volume from a mainframe environment.
The innovative technology experts at eMag Solutions have developed the ability to read and restore discoverable data directly from virtual tape without having to recreate any part of the original mainframe environment. Moreover, the breakthrough includes the ability to restore virtual tape without over-taxing the data center’s production capacity.

The significance of eMag’s achievement cannot be overstated. Companies have spent millions of dollars to rebuild mainframe environments in an effort to access and restore data that does not exist on a physical tape in a logical format. While virtual tapes contain the same data as physical tapes, they cannot be accessed in the same way, requiring tremendous time and costly processing capacity to recover data needed for litigation, regulatory or compliance matters — until now.

Data management expert Adam Joffe of Datacove Information Services, Inc. described the traditional challenge of accessing data on virtual tape as, “Similar to searching for a single dollar bill in a bank vault full of money. eMag’s advancement provides the ability to quickly and inexpensively access this data.” eMag Solutions is able to support mainframe environments operating Sun/Storagetek Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) as well as IBM’s Virtual Tape Server (VTS).

eMag Solutions continues to deliver comprehensive electronic discovery and data management services that allow corporate, law firm, and government clients to access vast amounts of electronically stored information to reduce organizational risk, facilitate information management, and respond to legal matters.

“eMag is committed to develop new and innovative solutions to help our clients better access and manage electronically stored information in the most efficient manner possible,” said eMag Solutions CEO Larry Geisel. “We are excited to announce this achievement. It will significantly reduce our clients’ time and expense to access data from virtual tapes.”