Certification Demonstrates Company’s Competency in Information Security Management

Cardiff, UK – July 17, 2008 – eMag Solutions, LLC, a leading international provider of electronic discovery services and data management solutions, announced today that the company’s Cardiff Operations Center has received certification to ISO 27001 standards, for tape restoration, e-discovery and forensic sciences. ISO 27001 represents the only auditable international standard to define the requirements for Information Security Management Systems, and ISO 27001 certification is achieved only by companies that can demonstrate the highest competency in information security management.

ISO 27001 is a management system that identifies, manages and minimizes a range of threats to business information. It provides guidelines for implementing a constructive risk management process, setting up policies, and ensuring a secure infrastructure is in place. This standard shows that a business has taken preventative measures to protect clients’ data, and demonstrates to customers and prospects that the business is observing a duty of care.

“eMag has long maintained that client information is critical and has implemented unmatched internal procedures to ensure that client data is processed to the highest quality standards”, said Mike Davies, Managing Director of eMag Solutions UK Operations. “The company has created an operationally excellent infrastructure that is unmatched in the industry and it is this secure and quality driven culture that has allowed the company to excel in the ISO certification process”.

eMag Solutions has embarked on a worldwide mission to be ISO 27001 compliant, and the company’s service center located in Cardiff, UK is the first eMag facility to receive ISO 27001 certification. The company’s purpose built facilities, proprietary systems, and processes have created an ideal environment for integration into an ISO framework. Continuing its commitment to provide the highest level of quality and information security, eMag has set the goal of achieving ISO 27001 certification for all of its major facilities. This will further enhance the company’s capabilities and ensure the safety, integrity, and quality processing of client data.

eMag Solutions delivers comprehensive electronic discovery and data management services, specializing in accessing data from a variety of archived sources through worldwide data centers, providing law firms, corporations, and government clients with proactive and reactive solutions for litigation, regulatory, and compliance matters that dramatically reduce cost, improve accuracy, and accelerate turnaround.