Atlanta (September 23, 2003) – The recent introduction of CAS (Content Addressed Storage) architecture has presented users with a long awaited option to optical storage. Specifically, EMC’s Centera™ platform offers users the ability to meet retention and data integrity standards for fixed content without the hassle and expense of optical. With the introduction of new storage mediums, some new issues arrive. eMag has previously announced its relationship with Bustech to provide mainframe connectivity of the Centera platform, and Diversified Data brings CAS specific technologies that can assist us in delivering complete end-to-end solutions.

With the addition of Diversified’s CASbar product to our portfolio, eMag now offers full integration of the Centera with mainframe connectivity and several backup options. Previously in order to back up a Centera, it would require a second piece of hardware for replication. CASbar allows users to leverage their existing investment in third party backup software (Veritas, Legato, Tivoli, etc.) by facilitating data movement from the Centera to a scratch disk pool where it can be archived by these applications.

“This latest addition provides eMag with a full tool set to assist customers in any environment to implement CAS storage devices,” said Allen Robinson, Director of eMag’s Product Planning and Development. “eMag’s experience and portfolio allows us to design solutions around multiple customer requirements and ensure an impressive return on investment. A single solution may solve issues ranging from ECM application on the mainframe to email archiving of Exchange servers while reducing costs and benefiting from unmatched data security.”